About Us

Build a Culture of Reading!

Reader Zone helps schools and libraries host amazing reading programs using the three principles that drive success:  Engage, Adapt and Report. There is no limit to the size and type of organization that use the service.

Reader Zone was founded by Jake Ball. Jake and his wife have 4 children in Idaho schools. Jake has filled out dozens of reading calendars, all the while knowing that technology offers a more reliable and user-friendly way to collect reading data.

Jake's goal is to build cultures of reading in families, schools and library communities.

Everyone involved with Reader Zone is hyper-focused on making a product that adds real value to educators and families. We hope to save several forests of trees along the way by eliminating the outdated paper reading calendar.

Feedback regarding how the system works and how we can make it better is welcome. Please email us your feedback and suggestions!

About Reader Zone Founder, Jake Ball:

Jake is a tireless advocate for childhood literacy and juvenile literature. He is the Founder and CEO of Children’s Bookstore. Children’s Bookstore carries out innovative online book fairs for schools and non-profit organizations the world over.

Children’s Bookstore assists schools and educational organizations of all kinds raise funds while promoting reading and literacy.

Jake’s daily experience in running a bookstore provides unique insight regarding how children consume printed and digital media. He helps educational organizations build and deploy highly effective literacy programs. He also advises school systems and educational organizations throughout the U.S. regarding how to best allocate resources for literacy products.

Jake speaks to education groups throughout the United States regarding building reading cultures within the home and school communities. He also speaks on how technology is affecting today’s families.

Please use the email link on this page to inquire regarding Jake speaking to your group or organization.

Reader Zone is based in beautiful Meridian, Idaho.

You can reach us by phone:  208-888-5160