Building Readers


Cost is based on the number of readers you plan to enroll in your account.

The TRIAL Edition allows you to enroll up to 10 readers to test Reader Zone

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Reader number is the total count of participants who can log reading.  Parent accounts do not count as readers.  For example, if a parent makes an account and add two children as readers, there would be two participants.

Participants who sign up to log their own reading count as one reader.

Authorized users do count toward a reader number.

Free accounts have all features of paid accounts.


Increase Participation

Students and families will love the convenience of using a powerful mobile app to log daily reading. Readers earn badges and awards that you define as they reach reading goals.


Reader Zone can accommodate any size organization from an entire school district or library system to a single reader.

Reading program organizers can set up programs and groups for a single classroom to an entire school district or library system.

Save Time and Money

It’s time to say goodbye to the paper reading calendar. Reader Zone participants can use any computer or mobile device to log reading.

No more copying and printing hundreds of paper reading calendars, hoping they come back filled out and signed.

Data Driven

Reader Zone delivers real-time data to organizers and participants. Current and historic reading data is beautifully presented and available to analyze and download.

No more waiting until the end of the month to assist a struggling student. Parents and students can also see how they are doing with reading goals in real-time.