To Answer Your Questions. . .

Who can sign up for Reader Zone?

Any organization or individual can create a reading program. public libraries, schools, classrooms, book clubs, individual readers. You get the picture.

What if I have multiple groups like classrooms or reading levels?

You can set up as many reading programs as you like. Each reading program can have an unlimited number of reading groups. For example, you can set up an entire school as a reading program. Then, make reading groups for each grade or classroom within that reading program. Each reading group has its own distinct reading objective.

You can also create programs that blend both non-reading and reading activities together through an Activities program.

How much does Reader Zone Cost?
Reader Zone is affordable for any organization. Pricing is based on the number of readers who can enroll in your reading programs and the plan you select.

There are four different plans: Summer Reading, Month-to-month and Annual. See pricing detail is here.  We also have a plan for individual classrooms.

When you purchase the Summer Reading or Year-Round plan, you are committed to pay the entire amount for the number of readers selected.

How is the number of Readers calculated?
The number of readers refers to the number of readers who can log reading into active reading groups. An active reading group is any group that has the capability to accept reading entries.

For example, if you select the Year Round plan for up to 499 readers, you can run a Summer Reading program that enrolls 499 readers. Once that program concludes, you can start other reading programs.

The 499 readers who participated in the Summer Reading program, that is now concluded, no longer count toward your total as they are not enrolled in an active reading goal.

Can I use Reader Zone for “read-a-thon” events?
Of course! The system is perfect for tracking reading for a scheduled event such as a read-athon.

Can I use Reader Zone for incentive-based reading programs?
Absolutely! You set the reading goal(s) for your reading groups and you can track who has reached the reading goal and award the incentive. You can also see who might not be reaching the goal and help them with their challenges.

You can define the award a reader receives when they reading a reading goal or milestone.

What information do you collect from participants?

We have very strict privacy guidelines. Reading participants under the age of 13 years must have a parent or guardian create an account on their behalf.

We only need the first name and last initial for minor children—information that is provided by the parent or guardian.

We never share or transmit personal data or reading data to third-party persons or organizations.

Is a smart phone required to use Reader Zone?            

A smart phone is not required to use the system.  A reader can create an account and log reading on any computer through the website.  They just access the system via

The exact same features are available to users on both smartphones and computers.  We have many users who access the system through a laptop or desktop computer via the website.

How do I manage my reading program?

Once you sign up, you will have access to a user panel where you can manage all aspects and participants of your account, reading programs, reading groups and reading goals.

What if I need help setting up my program?

Just email us at or call us at 208-888-5160 with your questions and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I use Reader Zone for something other than reading?

Yes. You can use the system to track musical instrument practice, exercise minutes—really 
anything that needs to be tracked.

Can I add authorized users to my account?

Yes, you can add authorized users to your account. You fill out a very simple form to add the user. Then, you select which reading program(s) or group(s) the authorized user will handle.

It's easy to spread the load of running a large program by designating people to manage Reading Programs or Reading Groups.

You can also completely hand-off a Reader Zone account to another person if needed.

What is Book Bank?    

Book Bank is a function that allows any user to enter in the book he or she is currently reading or have already read.

A user simply enters the ISBN or the title for a book in the search field and selects the correct book to add it to the book bank.

A user can see what book(s) he or she is reading. Once a book is finished, the user can mark it “finished”.

At that point, the book is moved to the finished category. A user can enter in a review for books that are finished.

Reading Program organizers can see what book(s) a participant is reading and what books have been finished.