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Do incentives and awards for reading programs work?

Almost every summer reading program run by a public library includes incentives. I discuss how to make these work for your reading program

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Activities Programs for 2021 Summer Reading

How can a powerful Activities Program make 2021 your best summer reading season ever?

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How Libraries are Successful Through COVID

March 2020 will always be remembered as the time the world stopped. Schools and libraries abruptly closed, not knowing how they would continue serving students and patrons. This article is about how Readerzone responded to the problem...

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Weekly Reader Zone Clinics

On behalf of Reader Zone's Founder, Jake, we would like to invite you to join him and fellow organizers around the country for a Reader Zone Clinic.

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Year-Round Programs

Keeping readers engaged in reading programs all year can build an excellent reading community and keep your organization relevant every day of the year.

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Winter Reading Programs

You can host high-engagement programs for readers of all ages. The possibilities are endless. Below are examples of winter reading programs that libraries have underway now.

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New Features Make Better Programs!

We're always building new features and improvements based on feedback from our wonderful users. Thanks to you, we have developed a host of new features that you'll want to know about.

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What are Living Reading Programs?

Instantly boost your reading program participation through automation. I will show you also how to do this without a major technical requirement and how this will enable you to customize your programs to the needs of your readers.

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How can you build a culture of reading in your school?

The Covid crisis has certainly forced schools and libraries to re-think how they deliver services. I invite you to read this article and learn how to use existing tools to develop quality reading programs and build a culture of reading—starting today.

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What is the problem with paper reading logs/calendars?

In this article, I discuss the deficiencies of the paper reading calendar and how the tools exist today to make the reading programs you deploy adaptable and engage participation with today’s families.

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