Building Proof of Mission for your Library or School

Over the past two years, I've seen this new kind of catch-phrase take place in corporate America, and the non-profit space. The phrase is attached to the notion that organizations must have "Proof of Mission". Meaning that they must demonstrate to stakeholders that they are actually meeting their stated goals and accomplishing that they intend to accomplish.

What is "Proof of Mission" for  Library or School?

For a library or a school, a big part of proof of mission is helping children build reading skills and develop reading proficiency. A central way this is done is through reading programs.

This is what Reader Zone is all about, using modern database and mobile technology, Schools and libraries that use Reader Zone have their reading data automatically aggregate. They have their reading data at-hand to show stakeholders and the community their success and progress with their mission to build the next generation of readers.

With Reader Zone, a school or library can build reading programs that help every student increase their reading proficiency. Every teacher or librarian in can build their own reading goals and programs that meet students where they are, and gives families a simple way to participate with a reading programs to build reading habits and proficiency.

Delivering Your Proof of Mission

I always talk about bragging rights for your school or library. What would it look like to show stakeholders, e.g. the library district, city council, school district, students and readers your real-time reading success?

Imagine walking into your next city council, library district or school board meeting with hard data showing how fantastic your students or your community is doing with reading programs? You'd say "our elementary school accomplished 3 million minutes of reading, 45000 books and a 40% increase in reading program participation over last year". All of our all of our students have moved up a grade level in reading this year, and our reading scores are X number higher than they were last year"

Or as a public library, think about showing the city council something like. "this year, our library has logged 2 million minutes, 200,000 books read and 2500 people in our community actively participating in library programming."

What would that look like for you as an organization to demonstrate your stakeholders that you are accomplishing the goal that you set out to accomplish?

Reader Zone offers you the ability to build the reading program that will that will encourage participation, and then gives you the data that proves that you can do what you say you're going to do.

The system is very robust, is improving every day. We are always deploying new features based on the feedback from our users.

This is the ultimate tool to help you deliver a proof of mission for you as a school or a library.

Data is power and there's no reason why you can't use it to build cultures of reading and show your communities that you delver on your stated goals.