How can you build a culture of reading in your school?

The ideal outcome of reading programs is the development of person reading habits and skills and building a culture of reading in a school or library community.  Any culture is built with two ingredients:  

1.    Practices

2.    Information


Teachers and librarians all over the world develop interesting and engaging reading programs with great goals and incentives. They then distribute sheets of paper for families to log their reading in these programs at home.

We know that once that sheet of paper leaves the school or library, it’s unlikely that it will come back filled out and signed. However, that’s not the real issue. The bigger problem is that reading data collected on paper is nearly impossible to analyze, aggregate or publish.

Many organizations excel at the practice of building a culture of reading. However, the information part is missing.


Does your school district, school board, library board, city, etc. know how successful your reading programs are at building positive reading habits?  If the answer is no, you’re missing the second element requires to build a culture of reading: Information.

With the paper-based reading log, you have the practice of reading, but you may not be able to report how successful your readers are. How often do you're port reading data to stakeholders and your community?

What does it look like when a school or library is reporting reading data?

Think about a child entering an elementary on their first day of kindergarten.  They know that this school is a school of readers and they know this because the school reports reading metrics on regular basis. A public library can report that their summer readers completed 2 million minutes, 40,000 books, etc. to their stakeholders.

Reader Zone delivers real-time reading data that is actionable and reportable—without creating more work for staff.. This will give you community and family support and improve the environment to encourage children to read.

Reader Zone can help you

Reader Zone allows you to report on that reading and your reading achievement to anybody in your community. It's so important that when you have great reading data, you let everybody know you brag about it, you talk about it with the parents, you talk about it with your administrators and students, and you help them understand that they're in a culture of reading and they are expected to read and be proficient readers.

When you have that data and it's stuck on a sheet of paper, it's almost impossible to take that data and report on it back to your administration and your community.  With Reader Zone all of your reading data is in one place and you can continuously report on it “real time” to anybody in your community.

That is how to build a culture of reading,  

1.    You're going to have a practice of reading

2.    You're going to report on that practice to your community

This will establish your reputation and give everybody the idea that XYZ is a school or this library of readers. And we can prove it because here is the data.

If you want to trial Reader Zone for your library or school, click here to setup a free account [LINK]