Technology is Great--But, it Can't Replace Caring Teachers and Librarians

When we talkabout automating reading programs, what we're really getting at is increasingparticipation in reading programs.


What is automation?


Automation doesn't mean that you have to turn your I.T. department intoyour reading program department, and do a heavy installation requiring a big technically difficult implementation.


It means is that you make it simple for your librarians or teachers tobuild adaptive reading programs in an online environment, and then deploy those to yourcommunity.


Why is automation important?


When you automate your reading programs,it makes it very simple for your families who arealready using their phones to interact with other organizations, to participate with your readingprograms on their mobile device. When automation occurs, there's two things that happen.


1.    Participation in your reading programsare going to go up because it's simpler for your families to participate inyour reading programs

2.    Itis easier for yourlibrarians to build and then deploy reading programs that meet your community'sneeds individual needs.


When these two things are working together, a reading program that's adaptableand easy to build and easy to participate in, you're going to see participation inyour reading programs go up.


An easy way to automate your reading program withtech challenges


That's exactly the goal we have with Reader Zone. With theprogram, it takes lessthan 10 minutes to go from zero to having what we call a reader ready readingprogram that you can roll out to your community immediatelyvia email or the internet.


Additionally, we wanted to make it very simple for anybody to downloadthe Reader Zone app, join your reading program and then make reading entries.Libraries who have adopted this have improved reading participationinstantly.


Gone are thedays when you can hand out a sheet of paper to a patron or a student at thebeginning of the month or the beginning of the summer, and hope it comes backat the end, filled out, beautiful and ready to go. We want to give you the abilityto build adaptive reading programs and to change those as needs change, and then give your families andpatrons an easier way to participate so that everybody has access to this data.They can see how they're succeeding and you can report on it toyour patrons also.


More importantly you can see what's working and what's not working,and make immediate adjustments. This is what we call living reading programs that are adaptiveand really flourishing.


If you want to take your reading program to the nextlevel feel free to setup a free account and try Reader Zone.  Click here for your free account.