Activities Programs for 2021 Summer Reading

All New Activities Programs Can Revolutionize 2021 Summer Reading

Librarians and teachers from all over the world have been asking for a way to create and track both reading and non-reading activities in Reader Zone.

We listened and have spent the last 6 months building a game-changing tool that we’re simple calling “Activities”.  

We are thankful for your input.

Here’s how Activities works:

When you make a new reading program, you can check a box that will make it an Activities program.

You then create any range of reading and non-reading activities you’d like—the sky is the limit on what kinds of activities you create.

Each activity has its own metric, time frame. The activity can either be set goal, or be open-ended.

When your readers join an Activities program, they see a the range of activities they can join and  participate with.

For example, you can create a program with these possible activities:

Read outside two times during the summer
Read to a stuffed animal
Attend a library program on Facebook or in person
Read 100 minutes per week for two months

You can define the metric participants log be anything you’d like.

For example, you can ask your participants to log “play outside” or “jumping jacks.

Other activities can be: Read a book with a red cover, go to the zoo. Etc. etc.

You can see who has done which activities and you can develop awards for each activity.

The best way to understand this is to dive into the Reader Zone dashboard and build an Activities Program.

You can build an Activities program with a free Reader Zone account, join it and test it as much as you'd like.

We’re excited to offer this to our amazing customers, and we know you will build wonderful activity programs for readers of all ages!

Please email or call us anytime with questions.  We’d love to help!