A Beautiful Mobile App


Reader Zone can be installed on any Apple or Android device. The app has a simple, intuitive design that anyone can use. Anyone can use the app to make reading entries, see progress and mange all aspects of their Reader Zone account.

The Reader Zone app is designed to replace the paper reading calendar. In less than one minute you can make an account, join a reading program and make your first reading entry.


You can create your Reader Zone account in less than one minute.

With a new account, enter the reading program code from your school or library to find your reading group.

Begin logging reading immediately.


Making a reading entry takes less than 10 seconds.

Open the app and make an entry for the day. You can also go back up to 10 days if needed.

The reading timer is a convenient way to count minutes for minute-based goals.


View all your reading entries on the progress screen.

Every reading entry, finished book and award you've earned is listed in chronological order.


Keep track of all the books you're reading and have finished.

It's simple to add new books to your Book Bank anytime. You can select if you'd like to read the book once, or if you want to read the book more than once. Once a book is finished, click "finish book" and it goes into your finished Book Bank.


Earn awards as you accomplish reading goals and reach reading milestones.

You can see all your awards for all your reading programs and earn badges that your school or library sets up for you.


It's simple to manage all aspects of your account.

Add and remove readers and manage reading programs. Your account can handle an unlimited number of readers who can participate in any reading program they'd like.