8 Minute Set-Up

New to Reader Zone? Create a Reading Program, Reading Group and Reading Goal in 5 minutes.

The Reader Zone system is set up so that you can seamlessly go through the process of building a reader-ready program in one smooth process.

Upon logging into Reader Zone, you are taken to the dashboard.

If you do not have any reading programs set up, you a prompt to create your first reading program in the center of the screen.

Click the Add Program button.

Second: Select the type of Reading Program set up you’d like to pursue.  

Most users will need the Quick Start set up.  This is for organizations that will host ten or fewer reading programs. This set up process will walk you through setting up a Reading Program, Reading Group and Reading Goal.

The Advanced set up is ideal for organizations that will host more than ten Reading Programs. This set up will allow you to create a large number of reading programs and groups with similar attributes.

Regardless of the set up scenario you select, you can always edit any aspect of your Reading Programs at any time.

Third: Select a name for your Reading Program.

It’s best to give your program as high-level a name as possible.  Then, rely on multiple reading groups within the program.

Your Reading Program will have its own unique 5 character reading code.  This is the code your readers will enter to find your Reading Programs.

At this point, you can create reading groups within that program.  

You will be taken to this screen to create you first reading group.  If you close this dialog box, you will be taken to the dashboard where you will see the reading program you created without reading groups.

Fourth: Give your first reading group a name.  It’s best to make a specific name for your group. Like, First Grade readers or 1000 Books Before Kindergarten.  Remember, you can make an unlimited number of reading groups within each reading program.

Fifth:  Decide if your Group is going to be goal-based or be a reading log.

Goal-based programs set a specific reading goal over a set period of time.  Like, 400 minutes per month for September through May.  

Reading Log programs allows participants to log reading without a set goal.  

Sixth:  Select the metric you’d like your readers to log. It can be minutes, pages, chapters, books or a “yes/no” response that asks readers “did you reading today?  

Seventh:  You will now establish a goal amount and goal frequency.

The goal amount is the number of minutes, books, etc. that will be your readers’ goal. We’ll select 400 minutes.

The goal frequency is the interval at which you want your readers to log the goal amount.  You can select daily, weekly monthly or duration of program.  Duration of program will set the goal amount for the entirety of the date range you select in the next step.  

Eight:  Select the date range that you’d like to collect reading data. If you have selected either a Summer Reading or School year program, your readers can begin logging reading on the first day your subscription begins.

Select the start and end dates and click “Next”. Remember, you can always adjust the date range.

Ninth:  Group Book Bank.  This step is optional.  

The group book bank allows you to search for and place books that will appear in the Book Bank of your readers.  It’s a great way of placing required or suggested reading for your readers.  

To add books to the Group Book Bank, enter the title, EAN or ISBN in the search field and click “Search”. Once you have the book to add, click “Add Book”.

You can select to have your readers finish the book a single time or read the book more than once—especially useful for very young readers.  

When you have selected to read a book once or more than once, you will see the button turn to “remove book”.  

From there, repeat the same exercise with all the books you’d like to add.  There is no limit to the number of books you can add.  

When you’ve added all the books you’d like to place in the Group Book Bank. Click “Finish” at the bottom of the menu and your Group Book Bank is established. You can always add or remove books from the Group Book Bank at any time.

If you do not wish to use the Group Book Bank, click the“Finish” button.

That’s it!  Now you have a reading program, reading group and a reading goal that’s ready for readers.

You will be placed on the Dashboard of the Reading Program you just created and where your new Reading Program is visible.  Click on the Reading Program and you’ll seethe new Reading Group and its associated goal.

It’s easy to add more Reading Groups to this Reading Program by clicking “Add Group” at the bottom right of the screen.