Questions and helpful answers about Accounts.

Q: If I have exceeded the number of readers for the free account, will I be notified to update to a paid account?

A: Once you reach more than 20 readers in the free edition, you’ll see a message on the dashboard inviting you to upgrade.

Q: I signed up for a free account originally, can I convert it to a paid account? Or will we need to configure a new account?

A: Yes, your free account can be converted to a paid one anytime in the "My Account" area.  Select a plan and you can check out with a card.  Or, we can send you an invoice.

Q: With one app, a parent could have multiple kids in the same group/activity?

A: Yes, the Parent role in the app makes it such that one account can handle multiple readers, including the parent if he or she wants to participate in adult reading programs.

Q: If a parent doesn’t have a smartphone, is there a website where the info can be logged by the parent/reader? URL?

A: Yes, anyone can create and manage their account through the website.  No smartphone required.  The URL is  go to the "Sign Up" button to create a Reader or Parent account.  Then, use the same URL to login when you want to make a reading entry.

Q: How do I direct my readers to make an account?

A: You can upload a list of email addresses into the system via Bulk Upload in the Invite Readers area of the system. The Invite Readers tool will send an email to all your students inviting them to create an account with Reader Zone and begin logging reading.

Q: Is there a way to send group/activity badges or any kind of message to readers in my group/activity within the app or by email?

A: Yes, you can send a message to participants in any given reading program, the message can be whatever you'd like You will be able to send a message to a specific reading group/activity as well.  

Q: Can I easily see what each reader is reading?

A: You can see what each reader is reading on their individual page on the site.

Go from Programs > Group/Activity > Reader

Q: Can I easily track who my top reader is so far, for the week, for the program?

A: Yes you can sort the readers by who has read the most and who has read the least. This can be done on the Group/Activitypage for the reading group in question.  Or, in the Reports page where you can generate a report for a selected date range for a particular reading group.  You can use the filters on the Reports page to arrive at the data you need.

Q:What is the difference between a “child” and a “reader”?

A: A reader account means there is only one person on the account to log their reading. A child account is run by a parent and the parent can manage multiple child accounts.

Q: What happens if I exceed the number of readers on my plan?

A: If you happen to exceed your reader count, additional readers will be able to sign up and log reading--they won't be "shut out".  

You will see an alert on your dashboard that indicates you're over the limit and you can upgrade to the next level package.  The upgrade price is the lowest available monthly price for the next largest package.  You'd pay the upgrade price only for the months that you're over the package you purchased.