Activities Awards

How to make awards for Activities programs

Building awards for Activities is much the same as building awards for Reading Groups. To learn how awards work in general, please refer to the Awards article here. However, there are a few key differences. they are:

  1. Awards for activities are turned off by default. Any given Activities Program may have 5 or more activities. If each one were to have awards on by default, participants would receive more awards than intended.
  2. Activities Programs can have both goal-based and reading log activities. Awards for both types of activities are available to participants.

The best way to develop awards for Activities Programs is thoughtfully decide when a participant should receive an award, then place the awards exactly where they make the most sense for your set of activities.

Awards are granted Activity by Activity. Meaning that each Activity will have its own awards that are completely separate from other Activities in the same Program. Participants will not receive awards across multiple activities within the same Program.