Activity Programs

Reader Zone allows you to build and deploy programs that have any range of reading and non-reading activities.

Activity Programs allow Organizers to create reading and non-reading activities for participants.

Attributes of Activity Programs are:

  • Activities have the same metrics as other programs, e.g. minutes, pages, books, chapters and page.
  • Activities can be goal-based or log-based.
  • You can blend both reading and non-reading activities in the same program.
  • You can create custom metric to any activity. Examples are, Read Outside, Library Programs, A Mystery Noel, etc.  The sky is the limit on the metrics you select for activities.
  • Activities can be edited or deleted at any time.
  • Each activity has its own set of awards. Unlike other programs, awards for Activities are turned off by default.
  • Participants can join the activities that they wish and they can see all their activities on the mobile app or the Reader Zone website.
  • Each activity has its own parameters; metric, time frame and goal. You can set up the timing of an activity to appear for participants at a future date and it will disappear once its expiration date has passed.

Activity Completion:

  • You can define when a reader completes an Activity program .
  • Activites must be marked goal-based to be included in a program that has a defined completion setting.
  • You can decide the number of Activities in a program are needed to define program completion.
  • An Activity program can include both required and non-required Activities.

Creating an Activity follow the same general process as creating a Reading Group. You first select "Create Program" on the Program Creator. Then, select the "This is an Activity Program" check box.

Create the first activity:

  • Name your activity. It's best if this is very descriptive, e.g. "Read Outside", "Visit the Zoo", "Read a Book with a Red Cover", etc.
  • Select whether the Activity will be goal-based or log based.  A goal-based activity will set a pre-determined parameter for participants, e.g. Read 400 pages between June 1 and July 31, or, Participate in 5 Library Programs per Month. A log-based activity will allow participants to log a metric without a set goal, e.g. Log total pages read, Play outside, read to another person, etc.
  • Select a time frame for the activity. An activity can be set to begin in the future. Participants can join programs that begin in the future. They will be able to access the activity when the start date arrives.
  • You can ask additional demographic questions of participants. These questions can be added or removed at any time. The data collected at this step will become a part of the participant's profile. Both the participants and the reading program organizer can edit this data anytime. This step can be skipped in set up.
  • A Book Bank can be added to any activity. Participants will see the books added as a part of the activity. If a Book Bank is not desired for a given activity, simply check the box that says "Do Not Use Book Bank for this Activity".

After a first activity is created, its visible on the Program page. To add additional activities, simple click the "Add Activity" button and repeat the above steps.

Participants join an Activity Program and then join the activities they wish to participate with. As the dates for new activities arrive, they appear on the mobile app or desktop of a participant.

Activities give you great flexibility and capability to run programs that meet your readers where they are.