App and Login

Questions with helpful answers about the App and Login.

Q: Can I use the same email address to create accounts as a reader and an organizer?

A: No, you can only have one account per email address.

Q:  Every time I open the app it treats me as if I'm opening the app for the first time.  I have to put in my email address and the password.  I also have to join with the reading code every time.  Is that normal?  What is the default setting for inactivity before it logs out?

A: The app makes it such when you are logged in as a reader or parent, you remain logged in until you actively logout.  

If you're trying to access the app as a parent or reader with the same email address you use for your Organizer account, you will have issues.

If it's the same as the one you have for your Organizer account, try a different email address for the reader or parent account.


Q: Is it possible to put a link to the Reader Zone on our library website?

We have an older population and many only use computers, not tablets or smartphones. I want to make accessibility, for my patrons, as smoothly as possible.

A: Yes, you certainly can put a link to Reader Zone on your website.  Your patrons who do not have a smartphone can create an account and participate in your reading programs through the website--no phone needed.

They just need to click the "Sign Up" button and create an account as a Reader or a Parent.  Then, they login to the account from any computer and can log their reading

Q: Is it possible to have separate logins for parents in 2 different households without having to share an email address?

A: At present, there is not a way for two email addresses to access the same reader account.

Q: I was wondering how a mother with 3 kids would track individually on one phone app?  Is that possible?  Or would each participant need their own email address?

A: A parent account can handle an unlimited number of children on the app--all with one login and one email address.  No need for each reader to have an individual login.

Below is a link to a video that shows how a parent account works with more than one child.  A parent account can also accommodate the parent.  Meaning that if Mom or Dad want to participate in the adult program and the kids are in the youth program--all in the same app and login.


Q: How do you remove a book if you mistakenly added it more than once?

A: In the Books I'm Reading area, just swipe the book to the left to reveal "remove" icon with a garbage can icon.  Click the garbage can icon and the book will be removed from your book bank.

Q: Can more than one person share the app to log in minutes? For example, two parents using the app for the same child?

A:Yes, more than one person can be logged into the app.  They need to login with the same email address.  

So, if a child splits time with parents, they can both be logged into the account and logging reading.  They'll just both need to use the same email and password.

Q: Is there an easy way to share to our readers how to sign up for the app and use our code?

A: Yes, the link below is where you can access multiple posts you can edit and post to your social media accounts or send out to your readers.

Q: Are we able to integrate our student's Google signins with this program? 

A: At present, we don't have direct integration tools with Google.