Authorized Users

How you can add, manage and use authorized users.

Your Reader Zone account can handle an unlimited number of Readers.  This can be a little daunting for one person to handle!

You can add Authorized Users over individual Reading Programs and Reading Groups as needed.

Managers can also be added to the account. Assigning someone the role of "Manager", will give them access to create new reading Programs as well as Groups, where an authorized user can only go up to the Group level.

For example, a school district can create a Reading Program for the entire district, or Programs for each individual school. The account owner can designate an Authorized user at each school who manage the one Reading Program or Reading Groups at that school.

Authorized users can be granted permission to administer to view data for any blend of Reading Programs or Reading Groups within the same Reader Zone account.

To add and Authorized User, click “Add New User” at the top of the screen. Enter the first and last name of the new user along with the email address.

From there, select the Reading Program(s) or Group(s) to which this user will have access. Then select either Read or Write access. Read access means the user will be able to view reading data, but not be able to edit Reading Programs or Readers.

Write access will grant the user full access to edit Reading Programs and Readers. Read access gives the user the ability to view reading data only.

To remove access from a user, simply reverse the above process. Select the Authorized user and de-select the Programs or Groups to which the person has access. You can also delete a user by clicking the garbage icon on the Authorized User tab.

You can change an account owner of your Reader Zone account to a new user by clicking the pencil icon and selecting the “Organization Owner” box at the top of the page.

This action will grant owner-level access to the account, which includes the billing area.  There can be only one person who has "account owner" access to the account.