Authorized Users and Managers

How you can add, manage and use Authorized Users to your Reader Zone acount.

Your Reader Zone account can handle an unlimited number of Readers.  This can be a little daunting for one person to handle!

You can add additional administrators to your account.  

There are three types of user accounts available within a Reader Zone account:
1. Authorized User
2. Manager
3. Owner

The definitions for these are the following:

Authorized User: Can create new Reading Groups within Reading Programs and have access to readers and reading entries within the Reading Programs and Groups to which the have permission.
Manager: In addition to the permissions of Authorized Users, Managers can create new Reading Programs.
Owner: Has total access to the account. Including payment details, plan and additional users. Account Owner scan see and edit anything in the account.

There is no limit to the number of Authorized Users, Managers and Owners in an account. Any given Reading Program or Group can have multiple Authorized Users or Managers associated with it.

For example, a school district or library system can create Reading Programs for individual school locations or branch libraries. The account owner can designate Managers and/or Authorized users at each school or branch library to manage Reading Programs or Groups that pertain to their location.

Authorized Users and Managers can be granted permission to view data for any blend of Reading Programs or Reading Groups within a Reader Zone account.

To add and Authorized or Manager, click “Add New User” at the top of the screen. Enter the first and last name of the new user along with the email address.

From there, select the Reading Program(s) or Group(s) to which this user will have access. Then select either Read or Write access. Read access means the user will be able to view reading data, but not be able to edit Reading Programs or Readers.

Write access will grant the user full access to edit Reading Programs and Readers. Read access gives the user the ability to view reading data only.

A Manager will be able to create new Reading Programs.  These new Programs will be visible by the account owner.

After adding a new user, click “save” at the bottom of the window.  The Reader Zone system will send an email to the person with a temporary password.

When this person logs into his or her account, he or she will only see the programs or groups to which you can granted access.

To remove access from a user, simply reverse the above process. Select the Authorized user and de-select the Programs or Groups to which the person has access. You can also delete a user by clicking the garbage icon on the Authorized User tab.

Your users can be edited anytime.

You can also see and edit additional users at any given Reading Program or Group/Activity page. Click the “Authorized Users” button to see those who currently have access to the program or Group/Activity.

To add or remove users, enter a name and use the search function.  

This function cannot be used to add new users, just to edit those who are already in your account.