Questions with helpful answers about Awards.

Q: Can readers keep reading after they've met their goals and perhaps still receive awards?

A:  Yes, it will allow you to show and give awards for 200%, 300% etc. of the goal.

Q: Is there a specific size you can recommend our design be for custom awards?

A: The awards should be around 200-215 pixels on one side.  It's best if the picture is square so it will fit better into the app

Q: How do I customize reader goal badges for metrics and how can I add my own awards. Is there a short video tutorial? 

A: Here is a short tutorial video that might help.

Q:  Where do I create the awards for goals reached?

A:  The awards tool is found on the Group/Activity page for a given program.  You can click the "+" button on the group/activity name.  There's a yellow button that says Awards.  This is where you can edit the awards for a given group/activity.

Q: I don’t have the options to edit my awards, how can I access that?

A: In this case you will have to delete your browser cache, as well as the cookies, and login again to the fresh Reader Zone site.