Bonus Course: Bulk Reading Entries

Learn how to create reading entries for multiple readers at one time. The video also shows how to manage multiple readers on the Group or Activity screen.

Need to make a reading entry for multiple people in a Group/Activity at once?

Use the Bulk Entry Feature!

This feature allows you to add an entry for an entire Group/Activity at one time. This is great for teachers or librarians who have students participate in "reading time" in class all together. That way even their in class reading is accounted for.

It is extremely easy to use this tool, just follow the simple instructions below.


1. Start from the Programs tab and choose the Program desired, then choose the Group/Activity needed.

2. Once in the Group/Activity, you will see a checkbox above the participant list.

Check the box to activate the Bulk Reading Entry, Mulk Manage and Delete options.

This will automatically highlight every reader in this Group/Activity. If there is a reader you do not wish to have included, you may unselect them now. When you have your desired readers, click Bulk Entry button.

3. Now a calendar will appear. Select the date or dates for which you want to add the entry.

4. Enter in the number of minutes, pages, chapters, etc. for the entry. Then click the purple "Add" button.

This will make the reading entry for the given readers and dates. Individual reading entries can still be edited on a reader page.

Use the same tools to move a selection of readers from one Group or Activity to another Group or Activity or delete readers.