Bonus Course: Email Users

Learn how to easily contact your Readers using the Email Users tool!

Bonus Course: Email Users


Reader Zone allows you to email your users. You can send bulk emails to your entire Program or Group, or you can select/deselect certain people to choose who receives the email. The prompted email is completely customizable.


(Pro-Tip: This is great for announcing a new Program that is about to begin or to notify your Readers of any changes or milestones reached as a Group)


Here’s how to email your current users:

1.      Select your Programs tab from the Reader Zone Dashboard

2.      Click the purple Email Users button in thebottom right corner. 

3.      Pick which Program or Group you want to send the email to.

 Customize the email and enter your Program Code in if necessary.  


4.    Use the purple Change button to select/deselect who receives this email.

5.     You can Select all or deselect any users you don’t want the email to go to.


 6.    Click Save before sending.

Here is a short video on Emailing Users: