Bonus Course: Email Users

Learn how to easily contact your Readers using the Email Users tool!

Bonus Course: Email Users


Reader Zone allows you to email your users. You can send bulk emails to your entire Program or Group/Activity, or you can select/deselect certain people to choose who receives the email. The prompted email is completely customizable.


(Pro-Tip: This is great for announcing a new Program that is about to begin or to notify your Readers of any changes or milestones reached as a Group/Activity)


Here’s how to email your current users:

1.      Select your Programs tab from the Reader Zone Dashboard

2.      Click the purple Email Users button in thebottom right corner. 

3.      Pick which Program or Group/Activityyou want to send the email to.

 Customize the email and enter your Program Code in if necessary.  


4.    Use the purple Change button to select/deselect who receives this email.

5.     You can Select all or deselect any users you don’t want the email to go to.


 6.    Click Save before sending.

Here is a short video on Emailing Users: