Book Bank Options

Learn how to manage participation in groups and activities that log books..

Reading programs that log the number of books participants finish are more popular than ever.  

If you're asking reading program participants to log books, you have two options with regard to how entties are made:

  1. Require participants to tie reading entries to book title(s).
  2. Not requiring participants to tie reading entries to book title(s).

The Reader Zone default setting requires a participant to select or add a title as they make an entry into a book-based group or activity.

To change this, click the "Group Book Bank" option in the Group or Activity editor, then check the box that says "Allow logging reading entries without selecting books".

You can change this option at any time, even in the middle of a reading program.

If you decide to allow entries without requiring a title, your readers still have the option to tie reading entries to titles.

By not requiring participants to select a title as a part of an entry, you will make the reading entry process a little faster for participants.

It's totally up to you which way you go. We just want to be sure you have this important feature in mind as you build groups and activities that log books.

Step 1: Select Gourp Book Bank Option.

Step 2: Check or uncheck "Allow logging reading entires with selecting books."