Book Banks

Questions with helpful answers about Book Banks

Q: Can you add books that you've read without having to add them to the Book Bank first (ex: if they are not found in the Book Bank)?

A: On your end as a librarian, you can make an entry for a book finished without pulling it from the book bank.  If you click the "Add Entry" button on the dashboard for any given reader, you can enter that a reader has finished a book without pulling it from the book bank.

Q: How do you remove a book if you mistakenly added it more than once?

A: In the “Books I'm Reading area”, just swipe the book to the left to reveal "remove" icon with a garbage can icon.  Click the garbage can icon and the book will be removed from your book bank.

Q: Do the readers HAVE to read a book if we put it in the group/activity Book Bank?

A: No, it is set up to be more of a “recommended reading” section. 

Q: If a reader cannot find their book in the book bank, will they still be able to record that they finished that book? Or will we be able to enter it manually?

A: You won’t be able to enter it manually. However, on your end as a reading program organizer, you can add books read without selecting them from the book bank.  You can go into the "add entry" button for any given reader and make an entry for multiple books without pulling them from the book bank.

You will not be able to add the exact book they read, but it will still show that they finished another book.