Create a Reading Goal

How to create a Reading Goal in a Reading Program with goal-based groups.

Reading Groups in Goal-based Groups have a set amount of reading to achieve in a set period of time, like 600 minutes per month.

A Reading Group can collect one type of reading data:  Minutes, Pages, Chapters, Books or Yes/No.  The Yes No response asks the reader: “Did you read today?”.  The reader simply answers Yes or No.  

You will see the options for reading data and you can select any one of them.  Once you have a selection, click “Next”.

The next step is where you define the reading goal. The Goal Amount is where you set the number of the metric you’d like readers to read. The, select the Goal Frequency; which can be daily, weekly, monthly or the Duration of Program.

The duration of program time frame is the entirety of the date range you select for the goal.  For example, if you want readers to read 1000 minutes from June 15 to August 15,select this option.

The Monthly selection will start the 1st of a given month and go through the last day of the month.  If you start or end the goal in the middle of a month, your readers will have a hard time meeting a monthly goal.  It’s best to start a monthly goal on the 1st and end on the last day of a month.

The Weekly goals go from Monday to Sunday.  This way, your readers have the entire weekend to finish a weekly goal.

Of course, you can always adjust these settings on the Reading Program dashboard.

Book Bank

With your Reading Goal in place, you can now set up a Group Book Bank.  

The Group Book Bank is optional.  If you do not want to use the Group Book Bank for a goal, click “Finish” at the bottom of the page and your goal is set.

The Group Book Bank allows you to search for and place books that will appear in the Book Bank of your readers.  It’s a great way of placing required or suggested reading for your readers.  

To add books to the Group Book Bank, enter the title, EAN or ISBN in the search field and click “Search”. Once you have the book to add, click “Add Book”.

You can select to have your readers finish the book a single time or read the book more than once—especially useful for very young readers.  

When you have selected to read a book once or more than once, you will see the button turn to “remove book”.  

From there, repeat the same exercise with all the books you’d like to add.  There is no limit to the number of books you can add.  

When you’ve added all the books you’d like to place in the Group Book Bank. Click “Finish” at the bottom of the menu and your Group Book Bank is established. You can always add or remove books from the Group Book Bank at any time.

Once your Goal is saved, you will land on the Reading Program page for the Reading Group.

You will see the Reading Groups in this list.  

Click on the + button on the far left to see setting for the Reading Goal.  You can edit the Book Bank by clicking on the Purple Book Bank Button.

You can view the readers for this Reading Group by clicking anywhere in the shaded area.

Please refer to other and videos for managing individual readers.