Deciphering the Dashboard

Learn your way around the Reader Zone dashboard

Using the Dashboard

The strength of Reader Zone is how reading data and your reading programs are visible on the dashboard. Let’s walk through each element of the dashboard.

On the top of the dashboard are my at-a-glance reading metric.  I can easily see the reading progress for the entire account for the last seven days, last 30 days or all time.

I also have a powerful search function here that allows me to search my programs.  This Search function changes as I move from Reading Programs to Reading Groups and then Readers.  

My Reading Programs lined up in the center of the page.  In the top row of the dashboard, I see the number of readers in each Program, the Program type and the completion progress of the given program.

By clicking on the “+” button, I can edit the Program name,email the Program code to an individual reader, access the Advanced editor for this Program, edit the Awards and delete the program.  

By clicking on any Reading Program, I can see all the Reading Groups associated with the Program. The metrics on the top change to reflect the overall progress for this Reading Program only.

You can see that the top of the page shows me where I am in terms of Reading Program and Reading Group at all time.

From the Programs page, I can add a Program, from the Groups page, I can add a Group to the selected program and from the Group page, I can add readers.

Along the left side of the page, I can access other features of the account that will be covered in other videos.