Deleting Readers from Groups and Activities

How to remove a reader from a group or activity.

Reader Zone offers a suite of tools that allow you to manage readers who are part of your account. You can easily manage the reading programs, activities, and groups readers are participating in.

It is easy to remove a reader from a program, group, or activity. Visit the Manage Readers area and use the search bar to find the reader you want toremove from a group or activity.

Open the manage reader pop up window by selecting the pencil icon by their name.

Navigate to the Programs tab and select the program you want to remove thereader from by clicking on the red door icon beside the reading group.  

From here you can choose toeither keep or delete the reading data.  If you keep the reading data, the reader’s progress will still show on the program dashboard and count towards the group total.  The reader’s data and name will still be on the dashboard, along with a red door icon indicating removal from the program or activity.  If you choose to delete their data, their progress will be completely removed from the group along with the reader.

If you would like to completely remove one or more reader from your Reader Zone account, use the drop-down menus in the Manage Readers area to sort programs and groups.  Then, select the checkboxes by the readers you would like to remove. Click the red delete button in the bottom right corner of the screen and choose to either keep or delete their reading data.  Keep in mind, when you delete a reader from your Reader Zone account, you are not deleting that person's Reader Zone account, you are simply removing that reader from your programs.