Desktop Account Access

Access and participate with Reader Zone on any computer.

Reading program participants have access to the Reader Zone Desktop Portal. The Desktop Portal is available through any internet-connected computer. The Desktop Portal can be a good solution for readers who may not have access to a mobile device.

The Desktop Portal allows access to all the features of the mobile app. Participants can create an account, add readers, join programs and manage their entire every aspect of a reader account.

A reader can create a Reader Zone account, make reading entries and interact with the Book Bank through the Desktop Portal.

Some notes on the The Desktop Portal:

  • Readers can access both the mobile app and the Desktop Portal at any time.  Reading entries made on either will post to both equally. A reader can interact with the mobile app and the Desktop Portal and see data entered iappear in both.
  • A Reader username and password is the same on the mobile app and Desktop Portal.
  • Libraries might find it helpful to set aside a computer that is dedicated to reading entries. When patrons are in the library, they can login to the Desktop Portal and make entries.
  • The Book Bank, Awards view and Notifications are all visible and editable on the Desktop Portal.
  • The Desktop Portal is connected to Reader Zone Homepages. This means that if a reader clicks on a "Join Now" button, the Desktop Portal allows for very fast and convenient sign up.

See the short video below to see how to use the Desktop Portal.