Below is a short glossary to help better understand how Reader Zone works and the terminology within Reader Zone.

Reader Zone Glossary

Reading Program Organizer: A person who creates a reading program for a school, library, family or other organization. Generally the person who created and owns the Reader Zone account.

Account Owner: Has total access to the account. Including payment details, plan and additional users.

Archived Program or Group/Activity: The Archive feature allows you to place reading programs or groups/activities in archive status.  Archive status means that the data within programs and groups is accessible and editable. Archived programs and groups/activities move to a secondary dashboard that is easily accessible through a toggle button at the top of every program page. Programs or group/activities can be moved back to the active dashboard with the restore button.

Authorized User: A person who has access to manage a reading program or reading group. An authorized user can have two levels of access, read and write. Those who have read access can see data, but cannot edit reading programs or participants. Write access grants access to manage all aspects of the reading program or group and its participants

Manager: In addition to the permissions of an Authorized User, Managers can create new Programs.

Reading Program: The vehicle through which Reader Zone works. There are three types of Reading Programs: goal based, reading log and reading contest. Each Reading Program has a unique Reading Program Code.  A Reading Program is not active unless it has at least one active Reading Group.

Reading Group: Readers join and log reading data in Reading Groups. A Reading Group has a distinct goal or log. The parameters that define how participants log reading are set at the Reading Group level.

Reader: A reading program participant who creates and manages his or her own Reader Zone account and logs his or her own reading.

Multi-Reader: A person who creates a Reader Zone account, manages the account and logs reading on behalf of one or more person (typically a parent or guardian). There is no limit to the number of readers that can use the same multi-reader account. .

Internal Reader: A participant who is added to a Reading Program and Reading Group by a Reading Program Organizer.  The Reading Program Organizer manages every aspect of the Internal Reader's account, including making reading entries.

Book Bank: All Reader Zone participants have access to log books they are currently reading or have finished in the Book Bank. The Book Bank remains in place over the duration of the Reader Zone account. Meaning that if a participant logs that they finished a book in a Reading Group, then join another Reading Group, the book will stay in the Book Bank.

Progress Badges: Reading Program Organizers have access to post cumulative reading log totals to social media or any website. There are two types of badges: Leader board and Progress. A Reading Program Organizer can select the Reading Program(s) or Reading Group(s) to display on the badge, save the badge then either post to social media, or copy the HTML snippet from the page and post to a website of their choice.

Activity Feed: All the activity within a Reader Zone account is visible in a real-time feed that displays: every reading entry, completed book, award unlocked, and reading group joined. Each type of action is displayed in the Activity Feed area in Reports area of the Dashboard.