Group Book Bank

How to use the Group Bank Feature.

The Group Book Bank allows Reading Program Organizers to place books in the Book Bank of all readers associated with a Reading Program or specific Reading Group. Adding books to a Reading Program will add the books to all readers in an entire Reading Program.

When an organizer places books within the Group Book Bank, the books will appear in the “Books I’m Reading” area of the individual Book Banks.

Readers can "finish" books in the Group Book Bank.  Readers can still add and manage books to their personal Book Banks.

Reading Program Organizers can add and remove books from the Group Bank anytime.  If a reader has finished a book in the Group Book Bank prior to it being removed, the book will remain the reader’s “Finished Books” area of the Book Bank.

It’s simple to add books to the Group Book Bank either upon creating a Reading Goal or anytime after a Reading Group is created.

Here’s how to add books to a Group Book Bank:

Step 1:  Navigate to the “Group Book Bank” button at the bottom left of a Reading Program or Reading Group page.

Step 2:  Click  the “Add Book” button to open the search function.

Step 3:  Use the search function to find the book you want add to the Group Book Bank.  Enter a title, author, ISBN or EAN to find the exact edition of a book.

Step 4:  Once you find the book you’d like to place in the Group Book Bank, click “Add Book”.  Once the book is added, the copy “Book Added” will appear on the bottomrof the screen and the text "Remove Book" will appear next to the book.  Repeat searching and adding within the search function to add as many books as you’d like.  

Step 5:  Close the Search box.  Click the X at the top right of the search function.

Step 6:  Removing Books.  You can remove a book from the Group Book Bank anytime.  Navigate to the book in the Group Book Bank and click the “Remove” button.

*You can also add a book to multiple Groups at once using the Advanced Editor.

Ex: If you have multiple 1,000 Book Before Kindergarten Groups, you can easily add one book into all Groups at once