Inviting New Readers

Learn how to invite prospective readers either one-by-one, or as a group.

The Invite Readers tool is a simple and powerful way to invite readers to participate into your Reading Programs.

The core of the function is sending email messages to prospective readers. The email message will include a link that allows readers to create an account and join a Reading Group in less than one minute.

You can invite readers one-at-a-time. Or, Bulk Invitation.

To invite an individual reader, click “Add Reader”

The first step is entering an email address for the prospective reader.

Next, select the role for this reader, there are three roles:

1.      Reader. This is a person who will create his or her own Reader Zone account and manage all aspects of the account. Typically, this is a user over the age of 13 years.

2.      Parent. This is a person who will enroll children 13 years and younger in Reading Programs and manage their accounts.

3.      Internal Reader. This is a person whose account will be managed by the Reading Program Organizers.  This means that the Organizer will add the Readers to Reading Groups and make reading entries for the reader.  An email address is not required for Internal Readers.

The Bulk Invite allows you to upload a list of prospective readers and invite them to join a specified Reading Program.

First, click the “Bulk Invite” text to open the upload feature.  You can upload an Excel or CSV file.  The system will identify email addresses in the file and build a list for them on the screen for you.

You will see the email addresses lined up on the screen, prepared for an invitation.

If you plan to invite a specific list to one Reading Program and Group, click the “Select All” box at the top and select the Role Program and Group to which you are inviting these readers.  

You can go through and de-select individual readers an invite them to other Groups and Programs if you’d like.  

Once you have the Programs and Groups set up the way you’d like, click the “Preview Email” button to see the email message your readers will receive.  You can edit the email in the email preview box. You can also send a test message by filling out the Email Address field below and clicking “Send Test Email”.

When you have the email ready, click “Save” and your message is ready to send to your readers.

Click “Send All Invites” at the bottom of the screen.

The readers in the list will receive a message that allows them to join the specified group without having to enter a Reading Program Code.

You can add a first and last name to the email address in the “More options” menu.

Keep in mind that sending an email invitation to a list of prospective readers does not count toward your reader count.  Only when a reader enrolls in a Reading Program does that reader count toward your reader count for billing purposes.