Invoice and Billing

Questions with helpful answers about Invoices and Billing.

Q: Is there any way to send an invoice to my library? From whom do we request an invoice? 

A: Yes, we can do that.  Email us the following information to

The reader count you have, the Reader Zone package you'd like to buy, billing information, and the email address that will be the owner of the account.

We can generate the invoice and email it to you for processing.  Once the invoice is sent, you'll have access to the system to begin building programs and enrolling readers.


Q: At what time do I need to cancel before I am charged for another month? 

A: If you sign up for a monthly plan, you'd need to cancel before the first to avoid being charged for that month.


Q: How do I pay for this service?

A: It can be either an invoice that we send to you or a credit card on the website. Whichever you prefer.


Q: When I pay for the first month will my credit card automatically be debited for the second month?

A: Yes, if you sign up for two months (Ex: June and July), you'd see two charges; one for June and another for July.  The charge for July would be automatic.


Q: How do we set up purchasing a program?

A: The pricing tool is on this page: