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Questions with helpful answers about Programs and Groups

Q: For the Reading Log - can members of a group see the group total grow

throughout the program or only their own stats?

A: They would be able to see their own totals only within the app.  If you place the progress badge on a website, they'd be able to see the group totals that way.

Q: I would like to know if there's a way to set up a group without a goal. 

A: You can create a group or groups without set goals within the Reading Log Group.  

Click on the Reading Log Group area and create a group or groups that make it such that you can set a metric and a time frame to log reading.  But not necessarily a set goal.


Q:  I have looked at the video for authorized users and am wondering if you can help me understand what an organizer has access to in the administrative side of things. I am trying to keep some of the information away from the user I wish to add but allow for some autonomy in setting up programs.

A: Your readers can begin enrolling in programs and log reading as soon as you're ready. 

We carry out regular webinars and training clinics.  You can register for a webinar here:

You will receive email messages regarding times for training sessions.

Below are some resources that might be helpful in helping patrons get signed up in your programs.  

A video that shows how to create an account and join a reading program:

An article that shows step-by-step how to create an account: 


Q: Is there a way that parents or a librarian can delete an entry in the case of an "oops" without having to erase or delete the child from the system. We don't want the individual to have to re-enter everything read more than once.

A: Yes, any reading entry can be overwritten by a parent or librarian anytime.  If you click on the "add entry" button on a reader page, you can access the calendar, find the day(s) that need to be fixed and make new replacement entries.

Q: I am adding an adult reading program this summer. While I already have a group set up that is a goal of books read, I would also like to have a group that is challenge based so the readers can see what others are doing for motivation. I would like this to be an option if they like this do I set it up that way? I know I saw that option somewhere but I am not sure how to access it?

A: If you are wanting to do a reading contest, your readers would see the leaderboard and their position in the contest.  To set up a contest. go to the Reading Log program and create groups within the "Contest" flow.

Or you can set up a reading goal that establishes a challenge of something like 1000 minutes per week, etc.  You'd set up new groups within the Goal Based reading program that establish challenges.  However, in this scenario, your readers do not see what others are doing within the app. 


Q: Does Free come with any assistance?

A: Accounts up to 20 readers are always free.  Free accounts have the same set of features and assistance as paid accounts.


Q: Will I be able to see each individual reader and what they have logged in both programs?

A: Yes, you will be able to see all their activity in all their reading programs on their individual page in Reader Zone. You can also pull a report for a single reader anytime with all their reading entries.


Q: If parents are signing up their children and themselves for the reading log program are they able to use one account to do that in either program?

A: Yes, they can have one account with parents and kids participating in separate reading programs.  Each person in the account can be in totally separate reading programs and they'll all be on the same interface. 

Q: Is there a way to use a goal-based program without setting the same goal for all readers?

A: The way you'd set up a program and not have a pre-set goal is to set up a Reading Log program.  This way, people log what they read and not necessarily against a specific goal.

There is a video that shows how to do this here:

You can also make a note for any reader in your account to include their personal goals.

Q: Can a reader can only sign up for one group per program? two programs? 

A:  A reader can sign up for as many programs as they'd like. For billing purposes a reader is one reader, regardless of if they are in one or ten different programs.

Q: If a kid signs up for 2 groups, is that 2 readers?

A: Any person who is eligible to enter reading counts as one reader, regardless of how many groups he or she participates with.

Q: What differences are there between the summer reading plan and the year-round plan besides how long they run?

A: The differences between the SRP and the Annual plan is basically the price.  The monthly price for an annual plan is less than that for a summer only program.

Q: Can I add a patron manually if they do not have an email account?

A: Yes, you will need to go under the “Invite Readers” tab and click the green button that says “Add Reader” and select “Internal Reader” for the role and the email bar will disappear and you will be able to just add in their first and last name. Then fill out the program and group accordingly.  

Q: If a reader has already logged minutes before the program begins, can I erase the time recorded before the start date?

A: If you want to delete the entries made before the start date, you can click the "add entry" button on any reader page and overwrite early entries if needed.

Q: How do I create an activity with a question?

A: For activities, you create a goal based program.  Then, make a group for each individual activity.  Make the metric "yes/no", then establish the number of times you want the reader to accomplish the given activity.  It's best to make the name of the group a question like "Did you read outside?"  Then, your readers check yes or no.

Q: Daily vs. Weekly goals--If our goal is to read 10 minutes per day, and a reader misses a day, but reads 20 minutes the next day, would the system still consider that he reached his goal?  Am I better off setting the goal at 70 minutes per week?

A: In the instance above, the reader would have missed a 10 minute goal for one day, then doubled it when they read 20 minutes.  

So yes, you'd have a better time with it being a 70 minutes per week goal.

Q: If you move a reader to a different group, will it move their data with it?

A: No. If you wish to move their old data, you will need to go in and use the “Add Entry” tool to put in the reading they’ve done in the former group.