Push Notifications

Send mobile notifications to your participants anytime.

Reading programs thrive when good communication takes place.

When you use push notifications, you create a conversation with your readers. Send push notifications anytime. When you send a notification, an alert will appear on the mobile devices of your participants and they will have access to all your notifications in the mobile app "notifications" area.

Follow these steps to send notifications:

1. Click the "Notify Readers" button on the bottom right of the Programs screen.
2. Click the "Select Program" drop down to select the program your want to work with.
3. Click the "Select Group" drop down to select the Group(s) to which you'd like to send a notification.
4. See the exact participants who will receive the message, click "View Recipients" button.
5. Select or de-select individual people who will receive the message. By default, the notification will be sent to all participants in the selected programs or groups.
6. Write a title for your notification, up to 65 characters.
7. Write the text for your notification in the text field, up to 178 characters.
8. You can upload an image to accompany the notification.
9. Schedule a time when the notification will be sent. By default, the notification will be sent immediately.

Helpful tips:

  • Your readers will need to opt-in to receive notifications. It might be a good ideal to send everyone an email that encourages them to opt-in to notifications in the My Account area of the mobile app.
  • You can send yourself a test notification by adding yourself to a program and group.  Then, selecting yourself as the sole recipient for a notification. You will see exactly what the notification will look like to your participants.
  • When your participants open a notification, they will be taken to the last screen they visited in the Reader Zone app.
  • Participants can see all their notifications in one place in the mobile app and they can delete them anytime.