Push Notificatiosns and Email

Easily send push notifications and emails to your readers.

When a person signs up to participate with your reading programs, their intent to participate is very high. Then, life intervenes and enthusiasm wanes.

Reader Zone provides the ability for you to send in-app push notifications and email messages directly to your participants.

Click the "Notify Readers" or "Email Readers" buttons at the bottom of the Programs screen. Select exactly who will receive the push notification or email.

Write your message and include an image if you'd like. You can send the message immediately or schedule it for later delivery.

Sending reminders and news to reading program participants is a powerful way to encourage participation.

Libraries and schools that send notifications and email messages have more consistent and engagement with reading programs.

Step 1. Select What Type of Message to Send.

Step 2. Select What Type of Message to Send.