Reader Zone Home Page

Build a great Home Page for your reading programs.

You can easily build and publish a home page for your organization's reading programs. Your Home Page introduces prospective reading to your programs and makes it simple for them to join and participate in your programs.

You can add the following elements to your home page by clicking the "Edit Page" button:

  • Organization logo
  • A headline
  • Instructions for Readers
  • Reading Programs

All these elements can be edited at any time. You can also publish or un-publish the home page at any time. Your Home Page has its own URL that can be published and shared as you see fit. There is also a QR code available that you can share as you see fit. The QR code will direct a user to the Home Page.

When readers use your Home Page to join programs, they create an account that can be accessed either through the mobile app or the desktop version of the Reader Zone app.

Do the following steps to build or edit your Home Page:

  1. Click the "My Homepage" button on your Reader Zone dashboard.
  2. Add your logo by clicking the "Upload Logo" button. A horizontally-oriented PNG image works best in this area.
  3. Enter a Page Title, this will be large test that will be at the top of your page.
  4. Enter a Page Description. This is copy that will go below the Page Title. this is where you can provide a short summary of your organization or reading programs.
  5. Add Instructions. This is a good place to provide needed details and instructions for your reading programs.

After entering the personalization items above, you can now select the reading Program(s) you want to expose on the page. Simply click the "Visible on Landing Page" toggle to show nor not show the program on your page.

When you have made the edits you'd like, click "Save Changes".

Click the "Share Link" button to copy the link to your home page, share on social media or email the link.

If you'd like to un-publish your page, just click the "Deactivate Page" button. This simply removes the page from public view, it does not delete any part of the page.