Reading Contests

Hold a friendly reading competition everyone can get involved in!

Creating a reading contest is a perfect way to motivate readers. These programs are great for year-round, holding multiple contests throughout the year, or you can hold them seasonally. You can have them compete in a multitude of ways.

For schools:

Grade levels

Rival Schools


Students in one classroom




For libraries:

Popular sports teams in town

Zip Codes


Family Feuds



These programs are easy to set-up and fun to run. Students love to be updated on who is winning by seeing the Leaderboard, it makes them want to read more!

It’s a great idea to frequently post updates on social media or even pull it up for the class to see occasionally.

You can run contest two different ways, you can have readers compete against each other individually, or you can have Groups compete against each other.

Here's how to create a Reading Contest:


 1. Create a new Program and choose Quick Start.

  1. Create a fun name for your Program (Contest).

  1. To hold a contest, you need to create a "Reading Log" Program Type.

  1. Select "Hold a Contest"

  1. Now decide if you want to divide into teams or just have the readers compete individually against each other.

We are using teams for this example so we chose Group vs. Group.

  1. Choose which metric you'd like your readers to use.

  1. Create a title for your first reading Group (Team).

  1. Decide how long you'd like the contest to run.

       9. This is an optional step to collect additional data.

  1. This is also an optional step. You can add books into the Book Bank at any time.

Adding other Groups (Teams)

  1. Select the green Add Group button located in the bottom right corner.

  1. Name this Group and proceed by following the prompts, similar to the first Group you created.

View the Leaderboard.

  1. Select the gold Leaderboard button.

  1. View the results and share


Like the regular reading programs, you can still create an incentive for all readers by triggering awards around different progress points throughout the contest.

Students will love to brag about their progress awards and where they are on the leader board. The other students will be dying to work harder!

You can either create the awards to just be awards an images,you can put things such as “Come claim your prize!” and have little prizes or pieces of candy, or you can even partner with local businesses and change the image to be a QR code for a free ice cream or deal at a local shop.