Awards For Reading Log Groups

How to set up Awards for a Reading Log Group

Awards are a great way to keep your readers on track and motivated to keep reading!

The awards given are at the “Group” level. The Groups are already equipped with preset awards that are easily customizable to fit each group’s specific needs.

Notes about Reading Log Groups:

Reading Log Programs are made to track reading without a specific goal or schedule. Awards are triggered based reading amounts that you can set. Your awards will trigger as often as you would like for the metric of any given reading group.

If you set your metrics to “minutes”, you can have an award set to trigger after “30 minutes read”, “60 minutes read” and so on.

If you have it set for books, it can be set to trigger after “2 books read” or any other number you select.


“Readers who log number of books”

When are reader logs their first book, they will receive an award

that says “Good job! You finished your first book!”

To access the awards:

1.      Click on the “Programs”.

a.      Select the Program you want to work with.

b.      Select the Group for which you want to edit awards.

2.      Click on the purple plus sign, located on the right side of your group name.

a.      This will open the edit tools for the Group.

3.      Click the yellow “Awards” button.

a.      The list of awards will appear in a pop-up.

4.      Click the pencil icon to access editing options.

a.      From here you will be able to hide or show different awards, as well as edit the description, award level, and image.

Programs-Groups-Plus Sign-Awards-Pencil Icon.

Adding your own images to awards:
The images work best if they are between 215 and 250 pixels as a square image. The file type PNG works best, but a JPEG works well also.

To preview what the award will look like to your readers:

From the list of awards looking on the right side under “Actions” you will see an eye icon. Simply click that and it will generate a preview of what your readers will see in-app.

Here is a link for a webinar created for making awards: