Reports are awesome. Learn how you can pull data from your Reader Zone account.

A powerful feature of Reader Zone is reporting.  

You can view and download reports for your entire account down to a single reader on a single dashboard.

Click on Reports to see your data. On the Reports page there are three main elements: Activity Feed, Overview and Totals.  

The page will default to show all three elements. To omit one or more of these, de-select the one you’d like to omit.

To generate a report, you can first select the Reading Program, or Programs for which you’d like data. You can then select the Reading Group or Groups and then a Reader or Readers.

If you do not select a Program, you will receive a report for your entire account. Likewise, if you select a Program, but no groups, you will receive all the data for that entire Program.

You can drill down to more specific data by clicking the“More Filters” button. This will add date range, Program, Group and Reader Conditions to your report.

Once you have the criteria selected for the report you’d like to generate, click one of the “Export” buttons at the bottom of the screen. You can download a CSV file for all the data selected.  The CSV file will allow you to open the data in a spreadsheet for further analysis. A PDF report will generate a designed PDF file that will give reading data that looks great.

The elements in the center of the page will adjust according to the conditions you selected above. The Activity feed will show all the activity in your account.  Each type of activity will be a different color for easy at-a-glance use.  The Overview will show overall data according to conditions.  This is a useful way to see a snapshot of how a particular Reading Program or Group.

The totals will show the aggregated data for the selected conditions.  This is a great way to see top-line numbers for your account down to an individual reader.

The best way to utilize reports is to click through the conditions and filters and see how the data can be presented and manipulated.

Download different types of reports and see how you can best utilize your reading data.