RZU 301: Promoting Your Programs

This course will teach you how to add Readers and promote your Programs.

 Congratulations! You reached the 300 level courses for Reader Zone!

Now that you have a Program set up, you need to add Readers! In this course you will learn how to invite Readers and how to promote your Reading Program.

How to promote your Program using a list of Readers you already have:

There are two ways to invite Readers using information you have previously attained. By choosing one of these ways, the Readers will receive an email inviting them to join your Program.

1.      The Manual Invite Tool

2.      The Bulk Invite Tool


To access either tool, start from the “Invite Readers” tab on your Reader Zone Dashboard.

Using the Manual Invite tool:

For adding in a small amount of Readers, individually at a time.

1.     It will automatically be on “Manual Invite”. Click on the green “Add Reader” button

2.     Fill in information accordingly. This includes their email address, role, Program, and Group.

3.     After you have filled in the Readers, select “All” or select the individual Readers you want to invite and click the purple “Send All Invites” button on the bottom right corner.

*The Manual Invite area is also where you can add Readers who do not have access Reader Zone. You can select their role as “Internal Reader” and you will be able to manage all entries and aspects of their account for them.

Using the Bulk Invite Tool:

This is used when you have a collection of email addresses in a file already. Once you upload your file, the system will pull all email addresses for you. This can be from any information file that has email addresses in it if they are CSV, XLS, XLSX.

1.      From the Invite Readers tab, you will need to select “Bulk Invite”

2.      Click on the green “Add File” button and upload your list.

3.      Send Invites accordingly.

Promoting Your Program to the Community:

 Reader Zone offers amazing assets to set you up for success. Available to you at no extra cost, is a complete collection of customizable flyers, social media posts, press releases, help videos, and more!

You can access everything you see in this course and more at




Promoting your Program to your community is key to creating success and participation.

Start with a flyer such as this one:

Download the flyer from the Google Drive, fill in your Code and the name of your organization, print, and pass them out to people in your community.

Social media has become one of the most successful ways to advertise and reach patrons.

Download the editable PDF of any one of our social media posts in the Google Drive link above and share with your online patrons.

Get them here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1Ljc5qAecjJf9exQJB-zzjksBw8E42B55

Share/Promote Tab on Dashboard:

 Using the Share/Promote tab offers customizable badges to share on your social media pages or your website. The badge will have your Program Code and your Group Name on it and a custom message.

You can choose between Facebook badges (above) or HTML badges for your website.


You have the option to customize these.


Select your Program and enter a personalized greeting text.


Enter the caption you want to appear with your Facebook or Twitter post you’ve created.

We have provided you with printable flyers to pass out to your patrons.

They come as an editable PDF file.




Click the purple “Download” button beneath the desired flyer, edit the flyer, and print.

Do you think you understand how to promote your Programs? Take this quiz and find out!


Then head to 302 to be another step closer to being a Reader Zone Master!

Here is a quick video taking you through these steps!