Using the Book Bank in Groups and Activities

The Book Bank tool allows reading program organizers to view the books an individual reader has completed. 

You can place books into the Book Bank for all the participants in a given Group or Activity as suggested reading.  It’s a great way to assign specific books you want your readers to read.  Readers will see these books in their individual Book Bank when they join a reading Group/Activity.  Readers also have their own individual Book Banks where they can add or delete any books they would like to. 

When you create a new Group/Activity, you have the choice to add books into a Book Bank. This is completely optional, and you can also add books to a Group/Activity’s book bank at any time using these simple steps:


1.     Go to the Programs page of your Reader Zone account.

2.    Select a Program to view its Group/Activities.

3.    Click on the plus button on the right to edit a Group/Activity.

4.    Click the purple Group Book Bank button to make changes to the Group/Activity Book Bank Settings.

5.    A pop-up window will display the option to “allow logging reading entries without books.”  By clicking this box, you will allow readers to skip choosing the book when they log a reading entry.  This will only apply to reading Group/Activities that have books as a metric.

6.    Click the add book button to add a book to this Group/Activitybook bank.  You can search by entering a title, ISBN, EAN, or author.

7.    Click the Add Book button next to the book you want to add. Select Read Once if you would like to allow the readers to read the book only once.  If you want to allow the readers to read the book multiple times,select the Re-Read button (this is especially helpful for younger readers that like to read books multiple times).

8.    If you would like to remove a book from the book bank, simply click the red Remove Book button and confirm it.


You can also add books to an individual reader’s Book Bank by accessing their reader’s page using the following steps:

1.    Go to the Programs page of your Reader Zone account.

2.   Select a Program to view its Group/Activities.

3.   Enter the Group/Activityand click on a reader’s name

4.   Edit the reader’sBook Bank using the Book Bank area on the right