Bonus Course: Book Banks

This course will explain how Book Banks work!

Bonus Course: Book Bank


The Book Bank is made for keeping track of the different book titles a Reader has read.

When you create a new Group/Activity, you have the choice to add books into a Group/Activity Book Bank. This is completely optional. It is designed to add suggested OR required, reading. It’s a great way to assign specific books you want your Readers to read.

Readers also have their own individual Book Banks. They can add or delete any books they would like to.

For a Reader to log a finished book, the Reader must add it into the Book Bank.

Just search for the book desired and click “Add Book”.

You will see the option to have your Readers read the book “Once”or “Re-Read”.

To add more books, keep using the search bar and adding books.

*If a book title is not found, a Program Organizer, Authorized User, or Account Owner, can manually add in any number of books they finish, without adding the title. This is done through the Add Entry tool.

*Tip: You can add a book into multiple Groups/Activities at once through the advanced editor.

(Ex: If you have multiple "1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Programs", you can add the same book into all of them at one time)

Here is a short video on the Book Bank:

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