Book Club Program

Turn a book club into a fun, engaging year-round Reading Program!

What’s better than loving a book? Finding others who want to gush over it with you!

Hosting a book club is an excellent way to engage teen or adult readers.  

You can create multiple Groups based on genre preferences, book lists, individual titles, and more.

Some example Group names are:
Business Books
The Joy Luck Club
Land of Stories



·        Use the Email Users function to bulk email notifications when meetings will take place over zoom or social distanced at the library

·        Suggest books the library has (eBooks are great for virtual reading programs)

·        Do meetings on regular and predictable intervals, for example, when every third of the book is completed or halfway through

·        Use Awards to ask a question or provoke thought to prepare for meetings: Great progress! Rate the characters up to this point!

 ·        Create Programs for “Best of” lists

·        Create Facebook discussion pages for each book or list

Ideas for discussions:

·        Create an agenda

·        Predictions

·        What you wished would’ve happened

·        Favorite characters/rate the characters

·        Create a leaderboard for favorite characters


Send out a preparation/tips email using the Email Users function:

·        Be on mute when not talking

·        Be in a quiet uninterrupted space

·        Skim back over assigned reading before meeting to be prepared

·        Take notes as you read


How to Set-Up the Program:

1.  Select the green Add Program button. If this is your first Program, follow the prompts given to

start your first Program. The choose "Quick Start".

2. Next you will name your Program. I am naming this one “Book Clubs”. This Program will hold multiple book. You will also receive your Program Code from Reader Zone at this step.

3. We will be using a Goal-Based Program for this example, so the readers will have a schedule to follow in order to be at the same spot for the book club meeting.

4.  Enter the title of the book for the book club reading. *Once a person enters the program code, they will be able to see all of the book clubs availble and will be able to choose which one they want to enter.

5. Now choose how to measure your reading. For this example I chose to do chapters. You can choose whichever one you feel fits your readers best.

6. Decide how much you’d like your readers to read and how often. You can choose to have a meeting after each goal is hit, or just use it to keep them on track. (i.e. read 3 chapters a week and meet half way through the book.)

7. Here you can choose dates based on how long the book is.

8. Now you have the option for collecting additional data. You may skip this step if you’d like.

9. Now add the book to the Group Book Bank so everyone who enters the Group will have it ready to go. You may choose to read the book once or re-read.

Now your Program is set up and ready to run! Check out this link for promotional assets to get readers into your book club!