RZU 202: Navigating the Reader Zone Dashboard

Learn how to navigate the Reader Zone Dashboard.

Reader Zone Dashboard


Welcome to Reader Zone course 202! In this level, we discuss what you need to know about navigating through your dashboard and what you can access. You will also learn how to access your Readers.

The Dashboard is the list of options you are always able to see on the left side of your screen. It allows you to navigate through Reader Zone.

Let’s break it down:

Programs: You can access all Programs and

Groups. You can send emails to your Programs and

Groups from this page.

To email, select the purple “Email Users” button located on the bottom right corner. Filter who you want the email to go to.


Manage Readers: Manage Reader participation individually or by bulk.

The Reader will not have to do anything on their part once you move them.

*Beware:The students’ reading data will not move over when you move them to a new Group. You will have to do this manually.



Invite Readers: Send invites to sign up for your Program.


This is where you can add internal readers who may not have access to a computer or phone.

            o  Select the green “Add Reader” button and change their role to “Internal Reader”.

You manage all entries and aspects of the account on their behalf.

Share/Promote: You can customize and share your Program Code through social media or the HTML link for your website.  

More details in course 302.

Progress Badges: A fun way to show progress your Programs and Groups have. Reader Zone generates a badge specific to your Program or Group that you can share on your website or social media pages.

You can even add in your very own logo to the badge now! You can choose to have the purple or blue background behind it as well.

Use an HTML link for your website or share it right to Facebook from readerzone.com.

Reports: You can view and download the data from your readers’ logs or access the “Activity Feed”.

This is a real time feed of your readers' progress. It shows everything they have logged and what awards they have unlocked. You can add filters to these to view a specific Program or Group, or if you want to view it all.


My Account: This is how you will add authorized users, change your payment plan, and link your social media accounts.

Accessing Individual Readers:

No matter how many readers you have, you are no more than 3 clicks away from any single user.

  1. From your Programs tab on your dashboard, select which Program the Reader is in.

2. Select the Group your Reader is participating in.

3. You can see all the readers in that Group. By clicking the purple “+”, you can access editing options or click their name and you can access their account.

Using the Manage Readers Tab:

  1. Select “Manage Readers” from your Reader Zone Dashboard on the left side and choose the Program and Group you want to access at the top.

2. Put your mouse over the name of the reader you wish to access, and a pencil icon will appear. Click that pencil icon.

3. Now you can see that reader’s account.

You can view their information, awards, Programs, Groups, and notes.  

Watch this video and follow along!

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After you've mastered this course, head over to 301!