RZU 401: Additional Questions Feature

Collect more data from your Readers by using the Additional Questions Feature!

Additional Questions Feature

The Additional Questions feature allows you to collect demographic data from your patrons. You can select from a preset list of questions. A video is included at the end of this course, showing how to do each one of these steps.


·        This is done on a Group and Activity basis. You will be able to select which questions for each Group answer. The Groups do not have to be asked the same questions.

·        You can select as many or as few questions as you find necessary.

·        If a Reader is in more than one Group and you have set the Groups to answer the same questions, their data will be saved, and they will only have to answer the questions one time.

How to add Additional Questions:

1.      Since this is done on a Group level, you need to select your Program that the Group is in.

        a.      Click Programs on the dashboard

        b.      Select Program

2.      Click the purple Advanced Editor button on the bottom left of your screen.


You will see all the Groups within your Program and options to edit them. For Additional questions, go under the “Sign-Up Questions” column and select the purple “Choose Questions” button.

1.      Now it’s time to select the questions you want to ask.

There are five questions to choose from:

What is your date of birth?

What is your library card number?

What school do you attend, or will attend next year?

Which grade level did you last complete?

What is your complete address and phone number?

2.      Click Save when you are finished.


*New and old users will be prompted to answer these.

It will appear for your Reader like this:

To Access your data:

You can view your data two different ways.

1.      In the “Manage Readers” tab on the dashboard, you can search for any Reader and click the pencil icon located to the left of their name. It will pull up all their data.

2.     Go to Reports tab on the dashboard, as a CSV file one a reader by reader basis, it will show up in separate columns for each question.

Here’s a video showing how to do this:


Let's see what you know about the Additional Questions feature in this short quiz!


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