RZU 402: Managing Your Reader Zone Account

Learn how to easily manage your Reader Zone account.

How to Manage Your Account

In our 101 course, we went over the term Reading Program Organizer. This is who created the account and is also called an Account Owner who can add Authorized Users and Managers.

An Authorized User is a person who has access to manage a reading program or reading group with two levels of access; read and write. Those who have “read” access can see data but cannot edit reading programs or participants. “Write” grants access to manage all aspects of the reading program or group and its participants. You can allow access to any blend of Groups and Programs.

When an Authorized User logs in, they will only see what they have access to.

 A Manager has the ability to create brand new Programs as well as Groups. They will have more accessibility than an Authorized User.

To Add an Authorized User:

1.     Go to the “My Account” tab on your Reader Zone Dashboard.

This will bring up your personal account settings.

2.      Select the “Authorized Users” tab. Then click the green “Add User” button.

3.     This will bring up the page for you to add their information in.

Notice the Read and Write section. Select which Programs and Groups they need access to and how much you want to allow.

An Account Owner is someone who has access to the entire account and can add or change Programs and Groups. You can add as many Account Owners, as necessary.

To Add an Account Owner:

1.      Select the “My Account” tab on your Reader Zone Dashboard.

 This will bring up your personal account settings.

2.     Select the “Authorized Users” tab to bring up your Authorized Users and click the pencil icon next to the name you wish to assign as an Account Owner.

3.     After clicking the pencil icon, you will see the option to edit the user. Select the box that says, “Organization Owner”.

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