One Account for an Entire School District

This article will take you through a step-by-step process on how to create one account for an entire school district.

Holding one account for an entire school district is simple. All the data collected from each school will be held on one dashboard view.


For this type of account, we suggest creating a separate Program for each School. This means that each school will have their own Program Code and will have the ability to create Groups within their Programs for each class, grade level or other designation they define.

*Note: Reader Zone offers a lot of flexibilty. You may create Programs and Groups in a configuration that best fits your needs. We invite you to make and test different Programs to figure out what works best for you.


If this is the first Program you are creating, you will be prompted to create a new Program.

If you already have a Program in your account such as a test Program, go ahead and click the green Add Program Button.

Select the Quick Start option.  

The Program Name is where you want to enter the name of each school. On the right, you will see the unique five-character code that is created by Reader Zone for that Program specifically.

 Now create the first Group for the school. These Groups can be separated by classes or grade levels.

You may now choose your Program type. For this example we will be using a Reading Log Group. To view more information on the types of Groups, please click here.


The classic reading log choice is Promote Reading.

Here you will need to choose the type of metric you want to use.

Select the date range for your Program.

The next two steps are completely optional and can be added by the schools later on.  

First is the Additional Questions Feature. If you would like to collect additional data, you may choose any combination of these five questions.

The last option is the Book Bank. This is where you may add suggested or required reading. It can also be added later by the school or the teacher.

You can view more on Book Banks here.



After you have finished creating Programs for your schools, you will need to desgnate Authorized Users for each Program, typically one or more staff people in each individual school building. These authorized users will manage the program and groups for their individual school, including granting access to Reader Zone for individual reading groups within the school.

Click Here to learn how to create Authorized Users.